The inner wasteland demos

by maud the moth



Eventually.... the inner wastelands will spill out of our flooding chests thick and dark..
Where all of our worlds collide.
Where coughing hooded boys open their jaws, panting in the shadows.
Maud set off for imaginary gaslights in teacup boats, with drenched wings and high expectations.
Burn my, burn my
Inner empires...


released February 5, 2013



all rights reserved


maud the moth Edinburgh, UK

Photos: Jaure Mur/Alejandra Alarcón/Lucinda Lewis

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Track Name: Turpentine
And my feet lift the floor, my arms dissolve into your turpentine words and ashes, as my fingers (are) burning.
All of my dreams devoured.
All of the dreams I jammed into the darkness, the line of your jaws.
And my feet lift the floor as my will dissolves, into your turpentine absence and silence, as your shadow turns to ghosts blending into the whiteness. The holiness of you both.
I became a bedside stain you´ll erase, dive to another hole, while I was your seamstress in disguise, trying to patch your soul.
And my morning nauseas, nibbling at your pride.
And my midnight trail, sleepwalking over your life.
I will weight in your heart as a stone.
I will speak in your tongue only when I’m gone, only when I’m gone
And my feet leave the floor as my world dissolves.
Track Name: boards&gasoline (the key)
Take a rest from burning. Digging up in wounds we never thought were so deep.
We never fought off but our own bred demons. Lost in the endless burrows of our hollowed chests.
You hurt like a phantom limb.
You are the only broken key I miss.
Take a rest from burning, I´m not your gasoline.
Long gone, but your arms strech over the ocean. Hold and strangle more than I would like to admit.
Take a rest from burning, let´s grow something on our ash covered field.